Just Keeping Busy, I Suppose

IMG_0641I had gone into the sun room to relax a few moments this afternoon – just rest a bit before my husband came home from work. But I noticed that there were 8 (count ’em) beautiful golden finches hanging on the thistle socks chattering away to each other as they delicately extracted the thistle seeds and ate. I wondered at their conversation and what they might be communicating to each other on this warm spring afternoon. But I didn’t have too long to ponder because I remembered that I needed to fill the other bird IMG_3928feeders in the back yard so I headed around to the backyard to get to it. While I was taking the seed to fill platform feeder number 1, I noticed that the creek bed and pond were both low and needed to be filled so the pumps wouldn’t burn out. So I went over and dragged the hose to the pot at the bottom of the creek bed, turned the water on and started to refill the creek bed. But first I had to clean the debris off the pump IMG_6216where it had gotten sucked up onto the pump when the water was low – so I did that. Then I went back to the seed buckets and got the black oil sunflower seed for platform feeder number 2 and replenished that one. By this time, the creek bed was filled with water and running okay so I turned my attention to the pond and moved the hose over and started filling that. While I waited for the pond to fill, I pulled some grass that was growing where we didn’t want it to grow (and why does grass only grow only in the flower beds or on the walkways?). But when I looked up, I remembered that the safflower seed bird feeders were empty too so, once the pond IMG_4352was filled and working properly again, I headed into the house and up the stairs to get the safflower seed from the sun room. But on my way, I noticed the stack of freshly laundered towels and picked them up to take upstairs. Seeing that I had left my lunch dishes on the stair, I picked them up and carried them to the kitchen. After I stowed the towels in the bathroom, I went back to the kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher and jotted down a few items on the grocery list I saw on the counter. I stopped for a moment to figure out exactly why I came upstairs and then remembered the safflower seed. SO it is off to the sun room to get the safflower seed bag IMG_1962and a seed cake since I had just noticed that the seed cake holder on the trellis by the blueberry bush out front was also empty. So I added a new cake to the holder on the trellis and then headed to the safflower seed holder out front and reached in to remove it from its hanger in the weeping spruce only to accidently brush a limb and get a face full of pollen (it is the season for that). I filled the feeder, dusted off my hair and face and then headed back to the backyard to fill the safflower feeder there only to find that the feeder had been taken down and set on the ground and the clematis vine was now totally IMG_4008entwined in the bird feeder. I have no recollection of putting the bird feeder on the ground but, no doubt, I put it there at some point in the past few days with every intention of re-filling it and got distracted by something else and totally forgot it was there. But the clematis noticed and decided it was just the thing to grow upon in its meandering all through the flower bed. So I extracted the clematis and filled the feeder with safflower and re-hung the feeder in its proper place. Then I had to carefully place the clematis back on the trellis where it was supposed to be growing before it took a detour into the flower bed and onto the safflower feeder. Then I remembered I had been filling the bird feeders and I had not gotten around to filling the IMG_3225duck feeder by the creek bed. So that’s what I did next because I surely would not want Mr. & Mrs. Duck to show up and find that, once again this week, there are no duck food pellets in the feeder. Now, I’m sitting here exhausted wondering what it was I went to the sun room for in the first place and it is time for my honey to come home and he wants to go out tonight and I am nowhere near ready for an evening out. I need a break. Maybe I will go up to the sunroom and rest for a few minutes before he comes home.

Originally Posted by JustJoan (http://joanniegirl.blogspot.com/) in April 2011 (Original blogsite for JCampbell)


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