In the Beginning or Thereabouts (Jan 5, 2013)

I started this adventure a few months ago as I started retiring. I wanted something to occupy my time and something to share related to my birding, gardening, and traveling adventures. I also had noticed that most birders and hikers were much more physically fit than I was and most of the refuges, preserves, gardens, and wildlife areas seemed to be planned and arranged for them. So I like birding but I found that arthritis has limited my ability to walk for miles or hike for hours looking for birds. So I figured I had to be more thoughtful and spend more time planning my outings. I also discovered that many parks and refuges understand my plight and have begun to provide those little extras that make things easier for those of us who are not really handicapped but also are not really 100% physically fit. And so it occurred to me that I could put all my eggs into one basket as it were and provide a sort of clearing house for information about places to see and adventures to be had by those of us who take a little longer to walk and need a few extras to help (like canes) and like a few amenities more (like bathrooms and benches) to fully enjoy nature and our time walking on the “wild” side. Finally, I want to share my thoughts and feelings as we go. I hope this site works and my words entertain. And I hope that you also will send your comments and stories about your adventures to share. And so, here goes….

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